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American Dental Partners was founded in 1995 and headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts, American Dental Partners (ADPI) is one of the largest dental practice management companies in the United States, providing business services to medically-oriented, multi-specialty dental groups, with over 270 facilities across more than 20 states. ADPI provides affiliates with capital, systems and management expertise. The Company’s affiliated dental groups are typically among the largest providers of dental care in their respective markets.


Strengthened Balance Sheet: JLL Partners focused on building a balance sheet at ADPI that would position the Company for aggressive growth. The highly-fragmented dental industry is only in the early stages of consolidation, and ADPI plans to be an active participant in that process.

Strong Growth Potential: The dental services industry is expected to continue to exhibit strong growth driven by U.S. demographic trends, continued dental benefit enrollment, growing awareness of the link between oral health and overall wellness, and the demand for aesthetic dentistry. JLL planned to augment that growth through market expansion, de-novo openings, as well as by increasing patient visits through targeted marketing.

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