Who We Are

A Commitment to Partnership

Our mission is to elevate our portfolio companies to be market leaders, delivering superior value to all our partners – including employees, customers, suppliers, management teams, shareholders, limited partners and advisors. We believe in the outstanding leaders we back, and we return their trust with commitment, transparency, and a relentless drive toward mutual success.




We bring to bear over 30 years of sector specialization. We know what it takes to build market leaders: seeing around the corner where industries are headed, where innovation is needed, and where opportunities exist to transform not just companies, but broader industries.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and extensive private equity experience, we know how to rapidly identify and execute on attractive investment opportunities.

A hallmark of our operating philosophy is recognizing that unexpected circumstances are the rule rather than the exception and knowing how to efficiently and effectively work through unforeseen challenges.

Our core tenets include open and honest communication, ethical and inclusive engagement, and ensuring the best ideas are always promoted. We take great pride and care that all our partners are fully aligned to achieve our shared goals and provide the resources and support for our companies to grow and thrive long-term.