Current Investments
Current Investments

Education Affiliates LLC, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, owns post-secondary schools with a focus on high-end healthcare programs and specialty trades.  The Company operates 47 campuses across 17 states and an online platform. Since inception, Education Affiliates has completed ten acquisitions.


Build-Up: Education Affiliates was formed by JLL Partners in 2004 to pursue a build-up strategy in the post-secondary education industry focused primarily in the healthcare sector (approximately 80%).

Strong Growth Potential: An aging population, demographic trends and expanding governmental involvement in healthcare all signal a growing demand for healthcare workers. Over the next decade, jobs in the healthcare segment of the market are expected to grow by 29 percent. EA is well-positioned to play a critical role in meeting the market’s demand for skilled healthcare employees. 

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*Please note EA operates schools under the Fortis brand name