Current Investments

Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, Heads Up Technologies (Heads Up) is a leading provider of proprietary cockpit, cabin and aircraft systems and components including interior/exterior lighting systems, cabin management systems, and tactile passenger hardware components, primarily for business jet applications.


Product Expertise: Heads Up has established itself as a trusted partner in the business aviation segment through its expertise in new product development.  Over its three-plus decades of experience, the Company has designed highly engineered systems and components for leading OEMs, Tier I suppliers, and airlines in the aviation industry.  These systems directly interface with business aviation passengers, making their design and function critical to passenger experience (and therefore the aircraft’s marketing and branding).

Multiple Avenues for Growth: Heads Up has won extensive content on multiple next-generation aircraft as a Tier-1 supplier, including the recently announced Gulfstream G700, providing substantial organic growth as these new aircraft enter the market.  In addition, JLL has identified opportunities to scale the business by leveraging relationships we’ve built with industry executives through our prior aerospace investments.  In particular, we see substantial opportunity to expand Heads Up’s presence with commercial aerospace OEMs and aftermarket customers over the next few years through both organic initiatives and strategic add-on acquisitions

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