Hightop Health Launches Unique Mental Health Outpatient Platform

Hightop Health disrupts current model by focusing on the clinician first

October 17, 2023 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hightop Health (or “Hightop”), today announced its launch as a new outpatient mental health platform focused on an integrative, evidence-based approach that improves the mental health and wellness of patients. The key drivers of the business model are best-in-class clinicians, a comprehensive continuum of care approach, and a wide range of both longstanding and novel treatments.

Hightop is committed to making the organization the best place to work for clinicians and staff alike, through a regionally focused, integrative strategy that gives providers the resources and support they need to succeed. Founded and led by CEO Rob Butler, and financially backed by JLL Partners and SV Health Investors, Hightop aims to expand its presence and responsibly grow in areas of greatest need via new office locations, selective acquisitions, and partnerships with primary care providers.

“Based upon market conditions, the timing is now right to come to the market with a different approach. We believe a key missing element in the Mental Health space has been a lack of value and significance placed on clinicians and a positive workplace culture,” said Rob Butler, CEO of Hightop Health. “Our philosophy is that if clinicians and the supporting staff enjoy what they do, and feel valued and empowered, then the patients will benefit the most with measurably better outcomes.”

As part of Hightop’s launch, it has partnered with Psych Atlanta, a top-rated mental health practice with facilities in the Atlanta area, led by renowned psychiatrist Michael Banov, MD. Psych Atlanta treats patients across the entire continuum of care, with a specialty in serving patients suffering from Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD) with interventions including Ketamine, Spravato® and TMS as part of a holistic care plan. Additionally, Dr. Banov and his team operate a clinical research program that gives Psych Atlanta access to the latest interventions.

“I looked at various partnership options over the past couple years and there was a clear difference between Hightop Health and others. They have a genuine focus on clinicians and maintaining the kind of positive workplace culture I have built over the past 28 years,” said Michael Banov, MD. “I’m looking forward to working with other top clinicians in helping expand Hightop and Psych Atlanta, so more patients can access cutting edge treatments and experience life-changing outcomes.”

Hightop’s foundational investment points to its growth strategy of partnering first with distinguished practices that specialize in high acuity and complex treatment approaches, while incorporating psychology, therapy, and other modalities. The organization aims to identify additional blue-chip acquisitions with premier clinicians who aspire to grow in-person and virtual clinics, embody a “Center of Excellence” model, and offer leading-edge therapeutic approaches.

“We started Hightop because we wanted to be a leader in improving and changing how mental health services are being delivered. Continuum of care, patient navigation and integrating mental health with physical health is where the future delivery model is headed,” said CEO Rob Butler. “Coupling that approach with the best clinicians, in a great work environment gives us the best chance to do the most good for the most people.”

About Hightop Health

Hightop Health is a comprehensive outpatient mental health platform focused on serving the mental health needs of patient populations with a clinician-centric, outcomes-driven, therapeutically rigorous approach. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the mission-driven company takes a discerning approach towards targeted marketplaces and partnerships with like-minded clinicians, who are passionate about quality, workplace culture and a level of care with curative outcomes. For more information:

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