The Loar Group Announces Its Acquisition of GeneralEcology, Inc.

The Loar Group announced today that it has acquired General Ecology, Inc., a leader in drinking water purification. Headquartered in Exton, Pennsylvania (USA), General Ecology designs and manufactures proprietary water purification systems primarily for commercial and business aircraft. In addition to being a leading supplier of such products to the aerospace industry under the Versa-Pure® brand, General Ecology supplies its products for home, restaurant, portable, marine and recreational vehicle use under the Seagull® and First Need® brands. Today approximately 75% of General Ecology's revenues are for replacement or aftermarket needs, with two-thirds of total revenues for aerospace end markets. As with other Loar companies, the business will continue to operate under its current brand as General Ecology.

Speaking on behalf of the Loar Group, Dirkson Charles (Chief Executive Officer) said, "General Ecology has long been a premier manufacturer of proprietary water purification systems with an outstanding reputation and established positions on all current production Airbus commercial aircraft and a number of Boeing and other platforms. All of their systems require replacement of their cartridges on a periodic basis generating significant and growing aftermarket content across all end markets. We look forward to continuing to invest across all original equipment and other end markets to further General Ecology's growth."

Richard Williams, Founder of General Ecology stated, "I am very pleased to transition ownership and management of General Ecology to the Loar Group. Loar is the right company to take General Ecology to the next level. Their commitment to continuing to provide a product at the highest quality going forward really impressed me. When I combined their culture of continuous improvement of the products that they manufacture with their track record of providing a great environment for their employees to develop and grow, it was evident that Loar was the right fit. I look forward to General Ecology's continued growth under the leadership of the Loar management team."

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