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PGT Industries, headquartered in North Venice, Florida, is the leading U.S. manufacturer and supplier of impact-resistant windows and doors with its WinGuard-branded product line. The Company’s impact-resistant products combine aluminum or vinyl heavy-duty frames with laminated glass to provide protection from hurricane-force winds and windborne debris. In addition to PGT’s core WinGuard products, the Company supplies a complete range of premium, made-to-order and fully customizable aluminum and vinyl windows and doors.


Dividend Recap and IPO: PGT completed a dividend recapitalization and a subsequent IPO in 2006, resulting in a return of capital to investors and a deleveraging of the business. PGT is well positioned to continue to drive strong growth in revenue and profitability in a rebounding housing market.

Strong Growth Potential: The market for impact-resistant protection continues to expand along the Eastern seaboard and Gulf Coast regions as awareness of the benefits of impact-resistant windows and doors grows among consumers, builders and contractors. Additionally, insurance companies are providing incentives to ensure that impact protection measures are in place.

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